Concrete sewer corrosion is a long-standing and costly problem for the water industry. Microbial hydrogen sulfide oxidation on concrete surfaces plays a critical role. Utilising a newly discovered, low-cost and environmental benign antimicrobial agent, we will develop an innovative technology and the underpinning science to control the development of corrosion-inducing sewer biofilms. The technology can be applied to prevent corrosion of new concrete sewers by adding a precursor chemical into the cement, or to slow down the corrosion of existing sewers by infrequently (once every one to few years) spraying the precursor chemical directly onto the concrete surface. Potentially, the project will substantially reduce sewer corrosion.

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  • South East Water
  • DC Water for life
  • City of Gold Coast

Project Outcomes

One PhD student has successfully graduated from this project with field work achievements in the pilot gravity pipes and the sewer man holes at theGold Coast. Another PhD student has been recruited to work on laboratory-corrosion chambers study. Two advanced corrosion chambers have been constructed and are currently running now. Laboratory experiments are ongoing in collaboration with several industry partners.


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Project members

Other members

  • Xuan Li
  • Norah Alghamdi