The millennial water and energy crisis has brought about a major change in many aspects of the water industry. The shift towards a true urban water cycle, both at local and regional scale, poses numerous challenges and opportunities for the water industry as a whole.

We have a vast expertise base in our research team with over 35 academic and research staff including three IWA Fellows, and more than 50 research students. We have an outstanding track record of successful research, development, and application projects currently worth almost AU$10 million per annum, many in close collaboration with industry and research collaborators. We are partnered with over 100 different utilities, industry groups, research institutions, and educational facilities around Australia and the world.

The combined efforts of ACWEB’s programs are still achieving sustainable outcomes for the water industry. We have challenged how the industry views greenhouse gas emissions, added value to our waste processes, and discovered how to protect our water resources and critical infrastructure.