This project aims to substantially reduce the cost of wastewater treatment by developing a technology, and the underpinning science, that will reduce sludge production, improve biological nutrient removal and enhance renewable energy production. A wastewater treatment plant should be operated to achieve satisfactory biological nutrient removal, maximum bioenergy recovery and minimum sludge production.

However, the achievement of these goals is often hindered by the low biodegradability of secondary sludge. The project team has found that free nitrous acid (FNA) was strongly biocidal to secondary sludge. Also, FNA was found to be more biocidal to ammonium oxidizing bacteria than to nitrite oxidizing bacteria (NOB).

Based on these findings, we developed a sludge pre-treatment strategy based on FNA to enhance methane production through anaerobic digestion of secondary sludge and to reduce sludge production during aerobic digestion of secondary sludge. Also, we developed an FNA-based sludge treatment strategy to selectively eliminate NOB and achieve nitrogen removal via the nitrite pathway. Collectively, the FNA-based sludge pre-treatment approach can be used to improve biological nutrient removal, enhance methane production and reduce sludge production simultaneously in a wastewater treatment plant. 


  • ARC Linkage Project


  • Sydney Water
  • City of Gold Coast

Project Outcomes


  • The bio-methane production could be enhanced by 30-60% during anaerobic digestion through pretreatment of secondary sludge by FNA at 1.5 mg HNO2-N/L.
  • The nitrite pathway could be steadily achieved with an average nitrite accumulation ratio of above 80% with part of the returned sludge treated with FNA at a level 1.35 mg N/L.
  • FNA pretretament is effective in enhancing degradation of secodnary sludge during aerobic digestion, post anaerobic digestion and post aerobic digestion.
  • FNA-based technology has the potential to transform wastewater treatment from an energy consuming process to an energy generating process.


The FNA-based technology has attracted great attention from both the academic community and industry. UniQuest Pty Ltd, the commercial arm of The University of Queensland, is currently commercialising the FNA-based technology throughout the world.

Several large international water treatment companies including Aqualia and Veolia have also shown their strong interests in this technology.


  • Huber Technology Prize (First class) from Germany in 2014



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Conference proceedings

  • Zhang, T., Wang, Q., Ye, L., Batstone, D, Yuan, Z. (2015). Synergistic effects of free nitrous acid (FNA) and hydrogen peroxide on methane production from waste activated sludge (WAS). Oral presentation at 3rd International Conference on Water Research, Shenzhen, China, 11-14 January, 2015.
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Project members

Professor Damien Batstone

Professor and Centre Director, ACWEB
Australian Centre for Water and Environmental Biotechnology
Centre Director, ACWEB
Faculty of Engineering, Architecture and Information Technology

Other members

  • Qilin Wang
  • Tingting Zhang
  • Liu Ye

Industry partners

  • Kelly O'Halloran
  • Heri Bustamente