Researcher biography

Dr Bernardino Virdis is Senior Researcher in Environmental Biotechnology at the Australian Centre for Water and Environmental Biotechnology (ACWEB). He completed his PhD in Chemical Engineering in 2010 investigating energy recovery from waste materials. The approaches used in Dr Virdis' research draw on a range of expertise including environmental microbiology, microbial ecology, chemical engineering, material science, spectroscopy, electrochemistry and microbial catalysis, which he applies to develop sustainable biotechnologies for the treatment and reuse of waste streams. Dr Virdis publishes in major outlets in environmental science and technology, including the prestigious ISME Journal, Energy and Environmental Science, ChemSusChem, Water Research, Environmental Science & Technology, and more.

Featured projects Duration
Microbial electrosynthesis of liquid chemicals from carbon dioxide
Australian Research Council
Production of valuable chemicals from gaseous waste
Australian Research Council