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Development and application of distributed sensors for digitalisation of sewer systems

Digital sewer management requires widespread and long-term deployment of online sensors. This is very different from a traditional monitoring campaign where high-cost sensors are installed at a limited number of sites for a relatively short period (e.g. weeks). Therefore, sewer sensors need to be resilient, reliable, low cost, and require low maintenance. Many of the sensors available today will unlikely meet the longevity, reliability, and affordability requirements. Sensors will be simple, and rely on basic measurements (e.g. proximity, temperature, simple chemical properties) to infer sewer state using mechanistic and machine learning models. The project will involve (1) collection and analysis of existing data from industry partners to assess sensor performance for long-term deployment, (2) engagement with partners to develop an operational understanding, and (3) long-term field testing of selected sensors.

Principal supervisor
Professor Damien Batstone
School of Mechanical and Mining Engineering
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This project requires candidates to commence no later than Research Quarter 4, 2026. To allow time for your application to be processed, we recommend applying no later than 30 June, 2026 .


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