UQ to host international conference

8 Mar 2022

ACWEB and UQ are pleased to announce that the 2023 IWA Microbial Ecology and Water Engineering specialist conference will be held in Brisbane.
The goal of the Microbial Ecology and Water Engineering (MEWE) specialist group is to promote the rational and effective engineering of open microbial systems in the water cycle using emerging technologies and concepts in microbial ecology. MEWE seeks to do this through research, dissemination, outreach and dialogue with practitioners all over the world. This topic is of key importance to the water sector, since the advent of advanced microbial ecology techniques provide deep insight into how the water cycle functions, both from a treatment performance perspective as well as the global loss of water resources to pollution.

The 2023 conference themes will cover

  • Microbial ecology of biological N & P removal systems
  • Microbial ecology in anaerobic digestion 
  • Biofilm ecology of water engineering systems
  • Drinking water microbial ecology (including Legionella & other opportunistic pathogens)
  • Diversity, evolution and ecophysiology of recently discovered microorganisms
  • Linking microbial ecology to process performance in water engineering systems
  • Antimicrobial resistance in water engineering systems
  • Ecology and diversity of viruses (including bacteriophage) in water engineering systems
  • Methods for monitoring and assessing microbial communities in water engineering
  • Advanced molecular methods for microbial ecology research

If you’d like to be involved in the local organising committee or the conference scientific committee please contact the ACWEB events team for information.