2019 Nature Index Score

2 Aug 2019

The Advanced Water Management Centre’s output makes up for 13.9% of the entire university’s score.

If the AWMC were a university, it would have been in the top 500 in the Nature Index annual table.

The AWMC Director, Professor Zhiguo Yuan AM, said that AWMC should be proud of its contribution to the university.

“This is once again a remarkable achievement, and AWMC is very proud of this contribution.

AWMC also contributes over 66% to the score of Faculty of Engineering Architecture and Information Technology.

The AWMC has published on average over 100 papers a year for the past five years, and has won a number of national and international research awards.

UQ continued its climb up the global Nature rankings, to be 79th in the world from all research institutions, up from 110th last year.

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