Sewer Management

Located within the Australian Centre for Water and Environmental Biotechnology at The University of Queensland, the Sewer Research Group delivers high quality solutions to sewer related research questions.

More than 10 years of experience in sewer corrosion and odour research (SCORe) led to three awards, 56 peer-reviewed journal publications, two patents and $400 million documented cost savings to the Australian Water Industry. With reactors that mimic sewer processes, specialised equipment and in-house-built software, topics like integrated and decentralised water management and the fate of micro pollutants in urban water systems can be addressed.

Formed in 2003 the Sewer Innovation Group has established itself as an international leader in advanced sewer research, pioneering scientific developments in corrosion, odour and sewer treatment processes. It is now widely recognised that the escalation in extreme nuisance odours and the premature failure of sewerage infrastructure is resulting in substantial capital expenditures for public utilities. With an aim towards solving these issues, using the SeweX software and Cloevis technology, the Sewer Research Group is generating high impact research that is recognised nationally and worldwide by respected intuitions such as the Journal of Nature and the Journal of Science.

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