ARC Laureate

This project, led by ARC Laureate Fellow Professor Zhiguo Yuan AM, aims to develop a suite of leading-edge biotechnology solutions to enable the cost-effective production of liquid chemicals from biogas.

This will create a much stronger economic driver for biogas production from organic wastes, by significantly increasing the value of biogas compared to its current use for power generation. With a multi-disciplinary approach, the project will substantially advance the fundamental science in the exciting and highly value area of anaerobic microbial conversion of methane, the least understood process in the global carbon cycle. This transformational research has a strong potential to create a new biotechnology sector producing high-value chemicals from methane, and will propel Australia to the forefront of sustainable resources research.

Through this project, we aim to create a much stronger and more reliable economic incentive for the biogas industry, by developing world-leading, innovative technologies that substantially enhance the market value of biogas.

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