SARS-CoV-2 coronaviruses (i.e., COVID-19 virus) transmit through the aerosol and can survive on object surfaces for up to 7 days. Inhalation of SARS-CoV-2 coronaviruses-contaminated air or touching of virus-contaminated material surface can lead to infections. This project aims to:

  • Evaluate the removal efficiency of coronaviruses and other viruses in the aerosol by various air disinfection technologies
  • Determine the removal efficiency of coronaviruses and other viruses on different material surface by surface disinfection technologies

Project Outcomes

This project will generate the optimized operational conditions (temperature, humidity, dosing time, disinfectant concentrations, etc.) for various disinfectants in removing coronavirus on material surfaces and in aerosol. 

Project members

Professor Jianhua Guo

Professor and UQ Amplify Fellow
Australian Centre for Water and Environmental Biotechnology

Dr Ji Lu

Postdoctoral Research Fellow & ARC DECRA
Australian Centre for Water and Environmental Biotechnology