Mersabel received her Bachelor’s in Chemical Engineering (2009) and Master’s in Environmental Engineering (2011) from the University of the Philippines – Diliman. She conducted her research for her master’s about the application of electro-fenton and fenton process for wastewater containing pharmaceuticals at Chia-Nan University of Pharmacy and Science in Taiwan. She worked as an environmental consultant for several years with work mainly focusing on the conduct of environmental site assessments, remediation and human health risk assessments on oil contaminated sites in the Philippines. She joined AWMC in July 2019 for her PhD.

Achievement Highlights: 

  • UQ Research Training Tuition Fee Offset Scholarship - 2019
  • UQ Research Training Program Living Allowance Scholarship – 2019
  • Engineering Research and Development for Technology Scholarship (Philippines) – 2009


Key Publications: 

  • de Luna, M.D.G., Veciana, M.L., Su, C.C., Lu, M.C. Acetaminophen degradation by electro-Fenton and photoelectro-Fenton using a double cathode electrochemical cell. J. Hazard. Mater. 2012, 217–218, 200–207
  • de Luna, M.D.G., Veciana, M.L., Colades, J.I., Su, C.C., Lu, M.C. Factors that influence degradation of acetaminophen by Fenton processes J Taiwan Inst Chem E, 45 (2014), pp. 565-570
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Integrated, scalable technology solutions for PFAS removal and destruction
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