Researcher biography

Andrew Ward is an ARC Industry Fellow at the Australian Centre for Water and Environmental Biotechnology (ACWEB), at The University of Queensland. He holds a PhD degree from the School of Chemical Engineering (The University of Adelaide) and his thesis focused on the optimisation of halophilic anaerobic digestion of algal biomass. At ACWEB projects he has worked on include: Nutrient recovery via electrodialysis and Anammox for both domestic wastewater and agricultural wastewater treatment. He previously received an Advance Queensland Industry Research Fellowship to investigate the use of algae and bacterial aggregated flocs for the remediation of wastewater. Andrew has just recieved and ARC Industry Fellowship to investigate the use of microalage and its role in energy rand nutirent recovery from a circulatr economy perspective. Andrew has significant industrial experience working with large water utilities and industry partners scaling up research to pilot and demostration scale. Andrew is currently lead investigator and manages Urban Utilities wastewater microalgae research program.