Innovations in water research start-up fund

What if the solution to creating a water secure future was trapped in the mind of someone who lacked the start-up funds to transform their ideas to reality? Making a gift to UQ can make the world of difference.

The Australian Centre for Water and Environmental Biotechnology is committed to inspiring and enabling young innovative minds to break the mould in classical approaches to technical, social, political, and environmental challenges facing global water resources. We support this goal by training and fostering post-graduate and early career researchers who are passionate about developing solutions to society’s evolving needs for access to, and treatment of, water in a way that promotes a liveable and sustainable future for us all.

The Innovations in Water Research Start-Up Fund is supported by UQ alumni, friends and industry partners. Philanthropic contributions, large and small, join together to support outstanding post-graduate and early career researchers to explore and translate innovative ideas under the guidance of leading academic and professional experts.

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Whether it be enabling pilot research of great ideas through start-up funding, or mobilising research talent around the world to develop ideas with leading experts in their field, all funds received will make an immediate and powerful impact on the career paths of our post-graduate and early career researchers.

To unleash the potential of our researchers who are passionate about making the world of difference to our water future – please donate today.

Together we can make a difference.

Professor Zhiguo Yuan AM