ARB Course

ARB (latin: arbor, tree) is a phylogenetic software package that was developed at the Technical University of Munich more than 10 years ago.

ARB operates using large cumulative databases which allows the user to explore phylogenetic relationships, it has tools for probe/primer design and evaluation, and ARB has incorporated some of the newest and most sophisticated tree-building algorithms for both DNA and protein alignments.

The ARB Course at The University of Queensland was developed by Professor Linda Blackall, Dr Greg Crocetti and Dr Sandra Hall. This has been done in collaboration with and funding from the Environmental Biotechnology CRC.

The Course developers have collectively had more than 10 years experience with employing the ARB software package to explain the phylogenetic relationships of organisms in complex microbial communities.

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If you would like more information, please the Course Coordinator  Dr Anjani Weerasekara.

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