QUEX: Online workshop on water-energy interactions

Thu 22 Feb 2024 6:00pm

The University of Exeter (United Kingdom) and the University of Queensland (Australia) are collaborating on a 3.5 year project aimed at investigating opportunities to improve water and energy efficiency in residential properties. This 2-hour free online workshop aims to bring stakeholders (e.g. water utilities, researchers, and consumers) together and provide an opportunity to share recent developments in the domain and discuss key challenges, opportunities, drivers, and barriers to reach net zero in water sector and identify priority actions.


  • Dan Green (Wessex Water, UK) –UK Water Industry approach and initiatives to achieve Net Zero
  • Rebecca Hall (UQ/UoE) –Energy consumption for domestic hot water use
  • Jason Mingo (WSAA, Aus) –Overview of the Australian Water Sector Net Zero Journey
  • Jo Osborn (Waterwise, UK) –UK Water Efficiency Strategy and Energy interactions
  • Chris Philpot (Water Conservancy, Aus) –Water Night –improving water literacy and helping people use water wisely
  • Emily Thornton (Northumbrian Water, UK) –Investigating domestic water-energy interactions –An overview of field project

Date: 22nd February 2024
Time: 8am GMT (6pm AEST)
Where: Online
Cost: Free