2018 AWMC Awards and Fellowships Summary

7 Dec 2018

Pablo Ledezma, Stefano Freguia , Phil Bond

Nippon Steel (Japan) Research Award of ¥15,000,000 JPY each

Pablo Ledezma

Elected “Emerging Water Leader” * by the International Water Association (IWA).

Pablo Ledezma

Elected chair of the Water Career Panel at the 2018 IWA World Water Congress & Exhibition in Tokyo, Japan.

Pablo Ledezma, Stefano Freguia, Juliette Monetti

Queensland Urban Utilities’ Innovation Award 2018

Sam Stegman

IWA NRR18 Best Paper Award Runner Up

Paula Andrea Hernandez Vallejo

IWA NRR18 Best Poster Award

Mario Jr Rebosura

IWA WWCE 2018 Best Poster Runner Up

PPB Project (Tim Huelsen and Damien Batstone)

2018 Australian Water Association National Research Innovation Award

UGold Project (Stefano Freguia, Pablo Ledezma, Juliette Monetti)

2018 Australian Water Association QLD Research Innovation Award

N2O mitigation (SA Water, AWMC, Chem Eng)

2018 Australian Water Association SA Research Innovation Award

Katrin Doederer

2018 Australian Water Association National Young Water Professional of the Year

Igor Vassilev

Discovery Award for Best Scientific Paper 2018 by the International Society for Microbial Electrochemistry and Technology (ISMET).

Jagadeeshkumar Kulandaivelu

3MT 2018 EAIT Faculty Winner

Tim Huelsen

Advanced Queensland Industry Fellowship 2018

Zhiguo Yuan IWA Distinguished Fellowship


* There are only 20 Emerging Water Leaders globally, carefully selected because of their contributions to the IWA (EWL steering committee role, strategic council role, YWP chapter chair role, and YWP on programme/organizing committee of the congress or the Emerging Water Leaders forum).