UQ takes second place in Water Research publications

7 Sep 2020

Over the past decade, The University of Queensland has published more papers in Water Research than all but one other educational institute from around the globe. 

By a very narrow 2 paper margin Delft University of Technology has edged ahead of UQ to take first place, however UQ managed to keep the second-place spot with a much larger 27 paper margin over Switzerland’s EAWAG institute. 

UQ’s Advanced Water Management Centre has published 198 of the 253 UQ papers in Water Research over the past decade, outranking the entire publication contribution from many countries with well-established water research programs. 

UQ’s entire publication output in the journal has outstripped Denmark, Japan, and Singapore, while the 78% from AWMC alone have outranked the entire contributions of Belgium, Sweden and Portugal, among many others. 

Considering the small size of the Advanced Water Management Centre this is indeed a remarkable level of publishing output. 

The SCOPUS data also shows that Professor Zhiguo Yuan AM, AWMC Director, has retained his place as second most prolific author on the journals records, with a total of three AWMC authors making the top ten list for the past decade.  

“The fact AWMC has been so prolific in the top water journal and the high citation metric is a clear indicator of the high-quality of our research work,” said Professor Yuan. 

"Our research has also delivered substantial real-world impacts and continues to provide cutting edge changes across a variety of topics from COVID-19 tracking to optimizing chemical dosing in sewers.” 

Water Research publishes refereed, original research papers on all aspects of the science and technology of water quality and its management worldwide, and is ranked No.1 (impact factor 9.130) among the 217 journals in water science and technology.