Master of Urban Water Engineering graduates first students

5 Jul 2020

In the face of a challenging 2020, AWMC’s Master of Engineering has celebrated its first two graduates.

Not letting a global pandemic get in the way, the program has also expanded from its initial course offering of a Master of Urban Water Engineering to now include a 1 year Master of Engineering Science and a 6 month Graduate Certificate.

The programs also saw an increase in student numbers with over 20 students continuing in to 2021.

“This year has certainly had its difficulties, but we are really pleased with the way the Urban Water Engineering programs have grown and the way they have been received by the students,” said Dr Gilda Carvalho, Director of the Postgraduate programs.

The two graduating students, Yan Lu and Jiaqi Wang, were very grateful for the opportunities the program presented, with Ms Wang saying that if you were considering a long-term career in Environmental Engineering, then AWMC was the best choice to really prepare you for the next step.

“You can explore both academic and industrial areas and figure out your interests,” Ms Wang said.

“The program covers chemical and biological, as well as social and economic aspects of urban water management, and I know the knowledge and skills I obtained from this program can be applied continuously in my future career as an environmental engineer.”

Dr Carvalho said the response from the students has been really positive, with some great outcomes, including one student who has been able to secure a job before even completing the course.

“It’s wonderful to see such positive outcomes for the students. This student will graduate early next year and for her to be able to secure an engineering job so early really shows that the course content is setting the students up for a career in Urban Water Engineering,” Dr Carvalho said.

“Our student was also the recipient of the Aquatec Maxcon scholarship, so there’s great opportunities for students looking to study in this field.”

The Aquatec scholarship is currently open for 2021 and anyone interested in applying can find more information here