AWMC a finalist in annual QLD Water Awards

20 Oct 2020

Three UQ PhD students, two research projects, and AWMC Director Zhiguo Yuan AM have been shortlisted as finalists in the 2020 Australian Water Association Queensland Water Awards.

AWMC PhD students Zhiyao Wang, Tao Lu, and Yue Wang have made the shortlist of finalists for the Qld Student Water Prize.

  • An innovative way of treating wastewater and sludge employing a novel ammonia-oxidizing bacteria (AOB) genus Ca. Nitrosoglobus - Zhiyao Wang
  • Non-Antibiotic Pharmaceuticals Enhance Dissemination of Antibiotic Resistance in Water Environment – Yue Wang
  • Enhancing nitrogen removal by using self-catering biogas generated in wastewater treatment plants – Tao Liu

The AWA Student Water Prize aims to encourage and reward students for excellence in water-related studies and research, and provides a forum for students to display their academic excellence, innovation, and/or research findings to future employees, clients and the water industry.

AWMC Director, Professor Zhiguo Yuan has been shortlisted as a finalist for Water Professional of the Year. This award honours individuals who, over the previous 5 years, have displayed passion and commitment, while also inspiring positive change in the water sector.

AWMC’s “Zero-energy sewage treatment, harnessing the power of biogas” project has been shortlisted for the Research and Development award.

The project demonstrated at pilot scale the FNA-biogas technology for zero-energy sewage treatment. Free nitrous acid (FNA) has the dual effect of both increasing methane yield from sludge through increased digestibility, and selectively suppressing the growth of nitrite-oxidizing bacteria, ‘short-cutting’ the conventional nitrification/denitrification process.

The Urban Utilities led “Algae Research Project” which AMWC collaborates on is also a finalist for the R&D award.

The Research and Development Excellence Award recognises projects that challenge current practice and address the need for a sustainable future. The outcomes of the project must demonstrably add to the conservation or better use of water resources, knowledge of water technology, environment, sociology, economics or culture aspects.

Award winners were announced at the Annual Qld Gala Dinner and Awards Night on November 18, 2020 at the Sunshine Coast.