Hydrogen sulfide (H2S) generation in sewers and its’ emission during wastewater transport therein are the major causes of sewer odour and corrosion problems. Modelling of sewer network is a valuable tool that could be effectively used to investigate the odour and corrosion potential of a sewer network, identify the potential hotspots, and develop strategies for odour and corrosion control. The City of Gold Coast has been engaging The University of Queensland in conducting the model-based investigations of their sewer networks to develop effective mitigation strategies for sewer management for their planning purpose.

This project will develop the SeweX model for the Merrimac sewer catchment (East & West). This will identify potential odour and corrosion hotspots in the wastewater collection system and estimate corrosion rates (mm/year) of concrete pipes and other structures. The project also aims to develop cost-effective mitigation strategies for odour and corrosion control for the sewer catchment.


Gold Coast City Council

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