Researcher biography

Philip Keymer is a Postdoctoral research Fellow at the Australian Centre for Water and Environmental Biotechnology, at The University of Queensland. He holds a PhD degree from the School of Chemical Engineering (UQ) and his thesis focused on the optimisation of algal production with a novel electrochemical system and the anaerobic digestion of algal biomass grown on effluent water. He has industrial experience working for and with large utilities and environmental service companies focusing on algal water treatment technology development and implementation. In his prior role oversaw the delivery of two demonstration systems showcasing the integrated high rate anaerobic and high rate algae wastewater treatment process in collaboration with Urban Utilities and Power and Water Corporation. His current role focuses on the project management of the University of Queensland's role in the Transforming Biosloids Industrial Transformation Training Centre (ITTC), focusing on the beneficial reuse of Australian wastewater treatment biosloids products.