As an Environmental science and Industrial Ecology graduate, I have academic, research, and professional experience of more than 8 years on strategic and applied research focusing on Environmental Footprint Analysis, Greenhouse gas (GHG) inventory, Life Cycle Sustainability Assessment (LCSA), Material Flow Analysis (MFA), Input-output Analysis (IOA) and Urban metabolism. I have worked as a University Faculty member for more than 8 years in the Environmental science discipline of two leading universities in Bangladesh: University of Chittagong (Public University); and Stamford University Bangladesh (Private University).  

Achievement Highlights: 

  • University of Queensland Research Training Tuition Fee Offset scholarship in 2018.
  • University of Queensland Research Training Stipend scholarship in 2018.
  • School of Chemical Engineering top-up scholarship in 2018.
  • ERASMUS MUNDUS Masters Category A scholarship of European Union in 2013.
  • Meditorian Ph.D. school (1st edition) scholarship.

Researcher biography

Key Publications: 

  • K M Nazmul Islam, Jutta Hildenbrand, & Mohammad Mosharraf Hossain. Life cycle impacts of three-way ceramic honeycomb catalytic converter in terms of disability adjusted life year. Journal of Cleaner Production, 2018, vol 182, pp. 600-615.
  • Rickard Arvidsson, Jutta Hildenbrand, Henrikke Baumann, K M Nazmul Islam & Rasmus Parsmo. A method for human health impact assessment in social LCA: lessons from three case studies. The International Journal of Life Cycle Assessment, 2018, Vol 23, Issue 3, pp 690–699.
  • K M Nazmul Islam. Municipal solid waste to energy generation: An approach for enhancing climate co-benefits in the urban areas of Bangladesh. Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews, 2018, Vol (81), Part 2, pp 2472-2486.
  • K M Nazmul Islam. Greenhouse gas footprint and the carbon flow associated with different solid waste management strategy for urban metabolism in Bangladesh. Science of The Total Environment, 2017, Vol 580, pp 755-769.
  • K M Nazmul Islam & Mohammed Jashimuddin. Reliability and economic analysis of moving towards wastes to energy recovery based waste less sustainable society in Bangladesh: The case of commercial capital city Chittagong. Sustainable Cities and Society, 2017, Vol 29, pp 118-129.