Zhigang received his Bachelor Degree of Environmental Science from Hubei Engineering University in 2013. Afterwards, he completed his master study of Environmental Engineering from Hunan University in 2016. In August 2018, he completed his MPhil study in the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) and then started his PhD study in the Advanced Water Management Centre. 

Achievement Highlights: 

  •  UQ Research Training Scholarship, 2018
  • HKUST Postgraduate Scholarship, 2017
  • The National Scholarship of China, 2014


Researcher biography

  • Antibiotic Resistance Genes (ARGs)
  • Groundwater remediation
  • Nanoparticles and their applications in the environment

Key Publications: 

  • Zhigang Yu (2019) Transport of the arsenic (As)-loaded nano zero-valent iron in groundwater-saturated sand columns: Roles of surface modification and As loading. Chemosphere 216, 428-436.
  • Qi Zhang, Zhigang Yu, Liandong Zhu, Ting Ye, Jiaolan Zuo, Xuemei Li, Bo Xiao, Shiping Jin. (2018) Vertical-algal-biofilm enhanced raceway pond for cost-effective wastewater treatment and value-added products production. Water research 139, 144-157.
  • Zhigang Yu, Chang Zhang, Zuhong Zheng, Liang Hu, Xuemei Li, Zhongzhu Yang, Chi Ma, Guangming Zeng. (2017) Enhancing phosphate adsorption capacity of SDS-based magnetite by surface modification of citric acid. Applied Surface Science 403, 413-425.
  • Chang Zhang, Zhigang Yu, Guangming Zeng, Binbin Huang, Haoran Dong, Jinhui Huang, Zhongzhu Yang, Jingjing Wei, Liang Hu, and Qi Zhang. (2016) Phase transformation of crystalline iron oxides and their adsorption abilities for Pb and Cd. Chemical Engineering Journal, 284, 247-259.
  • Chang Zhang, Zhigang Yu, Guangming Zeng, Min Jiang, Zhongzhu Yang, Fang Cui, Mengying Zhu, Liuqing Shen, Liang Hu. (2014) Effects of sediment geochemical properties on heavy metal bioavailability. Environment international, 73, 270-281.