Dr Raja has over 26 Years of rich analytical laboratory management experience in diverse environments including industrial R&D/QC and academic research analytical sectors. He has excellent expertise towards analytical laboratories plan, design & establishment; operational management, training & logistics and; quality & safety management. Over these years he has managed a broad range of cutting-edge analytical instruments for diverse chemical analysis & materials characterizations; taught & trained on instrumental analytical techniques; provided leadership to develop project relevant research analytical methodologies and; validated methods for diverse groups of organic- and inorganic analytes based on relevant international compendia. He has good experience in establishing appropriate GLPs, QA/QC protocols and NATA standards (ISO17025:2017 & ISO9001:2015) for standardised academic analytical laboratory operations leading to outstanding research outputs and collaborations.  
Raja has also provided leadership in technical guidance and consultations to research projects relevant to screening & monitoring of emerging contaminants; quantitative analysis of contaminants & their risk-based assessments and; instrumental based environmental analytical method developments & validations. To his credit, he has a total of over 71 international peer reviewed journal articles, 40 conference abstracts and 3 book chapters in physical-organic-, materials-, environmental- and analytical topics (ORCiD: https://orcid.org/0000-0001-6863-5510 ; Scopus Author ID: 56652114400). He always has the passion to train and mentor students at all levels, from undergraduate to higher degree research students, to realize the technicalities, applications, and nuances of instrumental analytical methods through multi-disciplinary research approach.