Free Nitrous Acid - the research continues

4 June 2021 9:30am
This week’s presenters are Zhiyao Wang and Angelica Guerrero Calderon and you can find the details of their presentations below. We look forward to seeing you on Friday morning.

Twenty-year research on free nitrous acid - What have we learnt and where to from here?

28 May 2021 9:30am
The AWMC has been conducting research on the use of free nitrous acid (FNA) in wastewater management for almost 20 years.

Water Management in Remote Communities

24 July 2020 9:30am
This presentation discusses some existing water supply and demand management challenges and potential solutions using a case study from some recently completed research which worked with four remote communities to explore culturally appropriate, place-based community water demand management strategies.

Sustainable Water Reuse and Resource Recovery through Cost-Effective BNR

10 July 2020 9:30am
This research investigates a more sustainable and cost-effective N&P removal process from wastewater, benefiting the environment and improving the viability of wastewater recycling.

Visualizing the invisible: Non-antibiotic drugs contribute to antibiotic resistance

26 June 2020 9:30am
This presentation will deliver our recent discoveries that non-antibiotic pharmaceuticals can speed up the spread of antibiotic resistance. They are invisible or neglected factors for antibiotic resistance, like all icebergs lying underwater. In addition, we would like to discuss our future plans in environmental dimension of antibiotic resistance.

ARC Linkage Project: Sewer corrosion reduction through model-supported ventilation control

29 May 2020 9:30am
Professor Zhiguo Yuan AM will give a presentation outlining AWMC's newest ARC Linkage Project: Sewer corrosion reduction through model-supported ventilation control.